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Connecting social sites

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I'm having a little trouble connecting all the social sites (Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud, etc.) to this POSSE. I am able to create the apps on the respective sites, and get a user key and secret from them into Known, but after I do when I attempt to connect to the social sites I get a "resource unknown" error from Known every time. 

I'm noting that the callback urls are in the form - maybe this is an nginx meets mod_rewrite issue? 




The Dunlaps say "go Scotland!"

The Dunlaps say "go Scotland!"

Trying to get the file permissions right on my data folder. Does this work?


I've got two projects for my day off tomorrow: setup Known on my server and make a lasagna from scratch. Might bake some bread, too.

Oh, and one more thing. Around 12:01am I guess I'll try to buy an iPhone 6+.


Ben and Erin on live right now talking about Known on